Dr. A.L.— Happy Birthday in Heaven From Your Sons and Daughters Here on Earth

January 21, 1930:  The story of Dr. A.L. Hunt, Sr., is a noble story. It began on this date 88 years ago in a city called Jerome, Arkansas. It is about a man who gave himself to the lord. It's about a man who came from a small town but not a small mind. He came as a gift from God. He was a husband to one wife.  He was father to nine and then a father to eleven and then a father to the masses.  He was anointed, called, gifted and giving. He loved his family, he loved his God, he loved people, he loved the persons he pastored. Today, I invite you to join me and my family and the many who knew him and reflect on a few of his trademark characteristics on his day of birth and let's give thanks to God for allowing us to be better because of the works that he did and the many lessons that he taught. And mostly in the spirit of love, let's endeavor to keep them flowing and pass them on. Pride is a destroyer of purpose and promise-achievement in individuals, families and legacie
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